Welcome to Quiet Mountain, Inc.
Mt. Hood/Lost Lake

Welcome to Quiet Mountain

Database Systems and Business Intelligence

Innovative solutions for Business, Healthcare, Education, Regulatory ... Divertimento ...... Databases, Applications, Data Mining, Analysis ...... Challenging Endeavors

Application and System Design: Operations/Processes, Integration, Support

              ..... Accounting, Finance, Quantitative Analysis, Modeling, Optimization, Math, Science

              ..... Creativity, Vision, Abstraction, Complexity

              ..... Scalable applications in the Cloud

Translate complex challenges into coherent processes

Projects: Portfolio

"It's slick!" -- S.S.

"It's the best!" -- J.K.

"You do good work" -- P.B.

"Your database saved my 'butt'" -- J.D.

"You routinely do things that dazzle" -- C.D.

"Golly cool! You truly are a genius" -- J.J.

"YOU ARE SO FABULOUS!!!!!! ....I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!" -- L.C.

"Congratulations on this very impressive recognition from the state ..." -- M.B.

"You ROCK!!!! You are my idol, my saint, my god of the week!!!!" -- J.M.

"... as always you are a lifesaver!" -- J.J.2
Quiet Mountain, Inc.
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