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Medical and Dental HMO Employee Management
Human Resources and Pension Management in Large Physicians Organization
Continuing Medical Education Scheduling/Registration
Graduate Medical Education
Dental Operations Employee Scheduling/Union Conformance
Dental HMO Credentialing/Distributed Reporting
Peer Review and Compensation
Dental HMO COB (Coordination of Benefits)
Risk Management Systems
HR/Labor Relations Grievance/Issue Resolution Management
Clinical Procedures/Expense Management
Clinical Practices Audit
Patient Education: Scheduling/Registration and Call Center Operations
Community Resources Call Center
Dentists Organization Performance Evaluations
Dental Lab Noble Metals Materials Mgmt
Public Schools Grants Management/Fund Accounting System
Public Schools Transportation Vehicle Maintenance/Inventory
Public Schools Physical Records Management
Public Schools Student Eligibility; Federal/State Programs
Auto Sales/Service Customer Satisfaction/Quality Evaluation
Plant Management/CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Mgmt System) Reporting
Peer Reviewed Medical Journal Systems: Editorial, Subscription and Circulation
HR Performance Tracking/Employee Recognitions/Employee Profile
Physicians Organization - Organizational Structure/Supervision Reportage
HMO Physician Assistant Supervision/Compliance Reporting
Employee/Retiree Benefits
Payroll Ill-Time/Disability Benefits and Accrual Tracking
Ill-Time/Time Off Mgmt and Unprotected Leave Analysis
Physicians Organization Policy Management
Subscriber/Patient Satisfaction Survey
Dependent Deductions Benefit Mgmt
Health Management Population Reporting
Health Care Organization Provider Enrollment
Energy Technology Human Resources and Organizational Design
Health Education Onsite Services Management
Physicians Organization - Wellness Program
Health Engagement Product Inventory Mgmt
HMO Medical Records "Champion" Database

Accounting/Financial and Regulatory

Medicare Inpatient Billing/Claim Remittance
HCFA/UB92 Billing
Payroll Reporting Mgmt for Remote/Distributed Payroll Managers
Third Party/Outside Providers Claims Management
HIPAA Certification Compliance
HIPAA Systems Remediation
State Medical Insurance Regulatory Compliance: Provider Network Database
HMO Government Reimbursement
Fixed Asset and Procurement Management
Privacy Compliance
Internal OSHA Inspections Tracking
Self Funding Management
General Ledger Analysis
CMS/HSD (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid/Health Services Delivery) Reporting
Oregon OHP/DMAP Reporting
Contracts Management
FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) and OFLA (Oregon Family Leave Act) Management
Dental HMO Cash Management (Point-of-Sale vs Deposits/Credit Transaction)
Ancillary Accounting Systems
Dental HMO Provider Network Reporting Positive Pay Pass-thru Mgmt
CMS 'Meaningful Use' Tracking
Fee Schedule Management for Medical Professionals Billing Organization
Community Dental Providers Claims Management


Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Management
Ergonomics Evaluations and Remediation
Anesthesia Critical Incidents
HIV/Immune Deficiency Population Analysis
Obstetrics/Delivery Anesthesia Tracking
Triage Call Center Management
Hospital Patient Arrival System
Employee Health Profiles
Hospitalist Concurrent Review/Audit
Health Education Patient Coaching
Dental Ambulatory Surgery Center Referrals

Financial Services

Venture Capital - Design Accounting and Financial Applications
FINRA 09-08 Regulatory Reporting
Brokerage Order/Trade Thread Analytics - Compliance Reporting
Brokerage Core Allocation

Telecommunications Related

Call Center PBX/Productivity Management
Public Schools Usage Analysis


Quality Assurance Design/Consulting
Systems Mentoring
Microsoft® Access® and Microsoft® SQL Server® Database Implementation/Administration
Microsoft® SQL Server® Integration Services® Development
Microsoft® SQL Server® Reporting Services® Development
Microsoft® SQL Azure® Database Development
PostGreSQL® Database Implementation
Data Integrity Management
Consultant Project/Time/Expenses Management
Support/Advise Pre-Existing Systems

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